9 Tips for Success with LinkedIn

9 Tips for Success with LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business, it is important to understand that LinkedIn is different from other social networks and that you can't use the same techniques you use on other social media sites.

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to help you network with other professionals. It is a way to grow yourself professionally and to help your organization network more effectively.

It may be used for personal, professional, and organizational development including networking, recruiting and keeping up with trends and news in your industry.

The site allows you to find business associates, clients and colleagues that you already know and connect with them so that they become a part of your network. Once you are connected, you have access to their list of connections which then becomes your extended network. You can request an introduction to people in your extended network from your mutual contact.

There are several ways in which you can use linked in to help you grow professionally.

  • Networking - helps you stay up to date with industry trends
  • Asking and answering questions - establish trust, improve reputation as an expert
  • Research - find out more about the people with whom you do business

LinkedIn can be used to help your organization grow.

  • Increase visibility
  • Research other organizations within your industry
  • Tell your company story

You can also use LinkedIn for recruiting and job hunting.

Remember these guidelines when using LinkedIn

  • Use introductions carefully
  • Always tell the truth
  • Don't gossip
  • Be professional

1.  LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter. It's where people go for professional level communication. Although the status box says, "What's on Your Mind?", don't post what's really on your mind unless it relates to your career or business.

2. Keep your posts positive. Don't post controversial rants and raves or comments about how bad your industry has become. Rather, Post a link to an article that adds value to your industry.

3.  Don't lie or exaggerate. If you didn't do it, don't post it.

4.  Don't connect and immediately sell. Success on LinkedIn is based on relationships. Take the time and effort to build relationship before attempting to sell. 

5.  Use a professional photograph. Post a picture showing you as a well-dressed and well-groomed professional. Remember the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".What words to you want your picture to convey? 

6.  Complete your profile. If you don't complete your profile, you're telling people that you are not serious about LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as a business. Everything you do or don't do conveys a message.

7.  Include personal information. People are there to learn about you and build relationships. Include information like volunteer work and causes you believe in. People like to work with like-minded people. Be careful not to be too political and avoid controversial issues.

8.  Include important links. If you have a blog that you keep up to date or a website, post a link. People want to learn about you. It' okay to talk about yourself. 

9. Be active. Activity creates legitimacy. If you aren't actively engaging with others, LinkedIn will never be a valuable resource for promoting yourself and your organization.

Technology is neither good nor bad, it's how you use it that makes the difference. If you use LinkedIn to create authentic relationships, you will find value. If you use it for free advertising, you will likely be disappointed with the results.




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