Picking the Perfect Password

Picking the Perfect Password

Picking the perfect password can be a real challenge. The problem is picking a password that is easy to remember, yet hard to crack.

Most internet users will use the same or similar passwords on all of the devices they use to access the internet and if given the choice will select a simple and easy to remember password such as birthday, mother's maiden name or the name of a relative. Short and simple passwords are relatively easy for hackers to determine. 

The use of a strong password can slow or defeat malicious attacks designed to compromise your computer and data.

Tips for Password Generation 

  • The longer the better - many sites require 8 or more characters
  • Make up words rather than use actual words
  • Personal information should be avoided
  • Never use account numbers or billing information
  • Mix numbers, letters and punctuation
  • Include both lower and uppercase letters
  • It should be something you can remember

Other Good Safety Practices

  • Never write your password on a sticky note and put on your computer
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Don't use the same password for all the sites you visit
  • Change your password frequently
  • Always change the default system password 

I personally use Roboform, a password manager. It remembers my passwords so that I don't have to. All I have to do is to remember one strong master password and RoboForm remembers the rest and logs me in with one click. One subscription works on all my devices. 

It sure simplifies my online life and can simplify yours too. 

Note: I am not a paid spokesman nor do I receive any type of commission or fees from RoboForm. It is a highly rated password manager has served my needs well.  There are many excellent password managers available, protect your online life, find one that meets your needs and use it! That is the best way to pick the perfect password.


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